Noise Reduction



Accurate Mass Scientific proudly manufactures high standard noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, compressors and sonic baths.

The QuietLab series is proudly made in Australia with 3 years warranty, these enclosures reduce noise by up to 17 dB (pump noise reduction) providing peace of mind for OH&S.

Scientific evidence show that continuous noise exposure (as low as 65 dB) has been associated with increased adverse physical and mental health effects including; stress, hypertension, noise hearing loss, type 2 diabetes and sleep disturbance to name a few [For example: Chen et al., J. Chem. Health Safety, 2016].

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 17 dB(A)* noise reduction (* Up to 18 dB(A) was observed in some cases).
  • Digital temperature display with alarm.
  • Temperature controlled fans on selected model.
  • Can be custom built to your requirements.
  • Long life, high velocity magnetic levitation fans (Airflow: up to 235 m3/hr each) to maintain optimum temperature within the enclosure.
  • Easy view window panel to check oil levels with LED backlight (when applicable).
  • Easy access to ballast (when applicable) and oil change valves for pump maintenance.
  • Vibration absorbing material engineered and made in Australia.
  • Water, oil and fire resistant noise absorbing material (25 mm) engineered and made in Australia.
  • Most cost effective on the market (best value for money).
  • 3 years conditional warranty.
  • Flatpack, light-weight durable interlocking panels.
  • Can be installed without pump downtime.
  • Power socket (optional)
  • Hand tightened screws for an easy access to change oil
  • Can be used for several vacuum pump types
  • Completely cover pump to avoid accidents and contact with hot surfaces for OH&S peace of mind.

In addition, Accurate Mass Scientific manufactures light-weight oil trays with wheels to suit the noise enclosures. These trays allow:

  • Pumps to be moved easily
  • Ongoing oil spillage to be confined (no dirty and slippery lab floor) with easy drainage
  • Cleaner and easy pump oil change.