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Mass Spectrometry Experts

Accurate Mass Scientific (AMS) is an Australian privately owned company which aim to service the growing market for mass spectrometry throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

Our international commercial partnerships include ESI Source Solutions (ABIRD, Capillary polishing station), CovalX (HM4), IonSense (DART MS), Advion (TriversaNanomate), New Objective (PicoView) and Evosep (Evosep One) who manufacture hardware for mass spectrometers in order to enhance the capabilities of existing commercial instruments; Alyxan (BTrap and TDFlash) who manufactures mass spectrometers for the analysis of VOCs, Tofwerk (IMS and EI-TOF) who manufactures ion mobility mass spectrometers as well as field portable EI-TOF and, Advion who manufactures Compact Mass Spectrometers. Other partners include: New Objective (Capillaries, Columns, etc.) Pharmafluidics (uPAC columns), Proteoform Scientific (PROTRAP XG) and ReSyn Biosciences (MagReSyn).

Locally, we are proudly manufacturing and distributing worldwide high quality noise reduction enclosures in collaboration with Quiet Lab Australia for vacuum pumps, water chillers, compressors and sonic baths.

Our experience and expertise in mass spectrometry is here to assist our government, university and industry clients.