We represent several international companies including:

  • ESI Source Solutions
  • CovalX
  • IonSense
  • Advion
  • Evosep

who manufacture hardware for mass spectrometers in order to enhance the capabilities of existing commercial instruments and, Alyxan, Tofwerk and Advion who manufacture specialty mass spectrometers.

Mass Spectrometers

Accurate Mass Scientific is the distributor of mass spectrometers from the following manufacturers :
In Australia and New Zealand :

  • ALYXAN - BTrap

In Australia :

  • ADVION - ExpressIon CMS

Ion Source Accessories

Accurate Mass Scientific is the exclusive distributor of the following mass spectrometer ion source accessories :
In Australia and New Zealand:

  • Ion Sense Inc. - Direct Analysis in Real Time – DART
  • Advion - Triversa Nanomate - TVNM
  • Evosep - EVOSEP ONE
  • ESI Source Solutions - Active Background Ion Reduction Device for nanospray ESI – ABIRD

Detector Accessories

High Mass Analyser (HM3)
Manufacturer :

  • CovalX – (USA/Switzerland) (

Description :

  • Mass detection > 1.5 MDa for protein and protein complexes
  • Detection of low saturation for complex mixtures

Noise Reduction

Is your lab noisy?
Do you want a quieter and safer working environment?
Accurate Mass Scientific proudly manufactures high standard noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, compressors and sonic baths.
The QuietLab series is proudly made in Australia with 3 years warranty.

Other Products

We distribute and manufacture OEM accessories for mass spectrometry.
A list is coming soon....